Has it ever occurred to you that everything you do in your life is done through your nervous system? Watching a sunset, tasting a great wine, feeling the ocean breeze on your skin — you experience your life through your senses which communicate to your brain via nerves. That is why we call the nervous system the master system of the body, because it controls everything from your heartbeat to perception of pain.

The nervous system also controls your body’s healing and regulation.

Your body is self-healing. Think about it, you get a cut on your skin, and it heals up on it’s own. Or if you break a finger, the bone grows back together (it isn’t the cast that makes this happen). While it is trying to stay healthy, your nervous system is also micro-managing your digestion, heartbeat, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature in the background. Talk about multi-tasking! Your nervous system literally coordinates millions of functions in your body at any given time, and the amazing part is that it is done subconsciously.

Interference to your nervous system interferes with your body’s healing and regulation.

This makes sense, right? If you interfere with the electricity wires, the signal doesn’t fully get through to it’s destination. So this means that your body is unable to heal and control itself as well as it should when interference is present. Over time, this becomes a big deal, and your body begins to develop symptoms (pain, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive problems).

Lifestyle stresses (physical, chemical, emotional) cause interference to your nerves. I’ve written about this before, you can read more here, here, and here. Or you can watch more here.

What does this mean to you?

Let me ask you a question? Since you literally live your life through your nervous system, and it controls everything in your body, how important is it to you that your nervous system function as well as possible as often as possible from today through the rest of your life?

That is what chiropractic does. Chiropractic takes care of your nervous system so it can take care of you.

In Health,

Dr. Cole

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