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Balance and Tension

1. If your spine stays out of balance, it can put tension on your nervous system 2. If you live in a state of chronic tension, then you throw your entire nervous system out of balance. In the realm of…
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Why Children Get Adjusted in our Office

Being born is hard work, for momma and for baby.  Add that in to all the slips, falls, and bumps that are experienced in infancy and toddlerhood and subluxations (i.e. nervous system interferences) are likely to result.  Because of this…
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Stress and You

I was talking with a patient this morning, and as she was explaining the stress in her life to me I realized that many people have not heard the full story on stress, how the body responds to it, and…
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Ear Infections

Why Newborns Need Chiropractic Care, Part 2

One of my most popular posts, and one that I get the most comments on is Why Infants Need Chiropractic Care.  Seeing that so many people are searching for this information, I thought I’d do a “Part 2” and go…
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Sugar, Cholesterol, and Plaque Explained

Sugar -> Inflammation -> Increased Cholesterol -> Plaque That of course is over-simplified for the sake of our discussion, but it is true.  Let’s explore why too much sugar is a bad thing.  When your blood sugar becomes elevated (by…
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What You Need to Know About Ear Infections

Moms and Dads, this ones for you.  Ear infections are the number one reason for antibiotic prescription in infants and young children, so what do you need to be aware of?  First, the average child under 2 years of age…
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Why We Chose a Midwife & Birthing Center

Being a healthcare practitioner, I often have people asking for my opinion or advice on a wide variety of topics ranging from “what should I eat” to “what do you think of vaccination.”  It comes with the territory, and I…
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